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Academic Integrity

We stand against all forms of academic fraud

Academic fraud is, but is not limited to,

  • using this service if your instructor has either an implicit or explicit policy against using it


  • copying another person's work and submitting it in as one's own


  • taking a paper from another person's file and submitting it as one's own


  • data falsification


  • intentionally footnoting an incorrect source


  • appropriating passages or ideas from another person and using it without proper documentation


  • quoting from a source without a proper citation

  • purchasing and submitting a pre-written paper from any service or source

Mentoring is not

  • ​doing any kind of research for a student

  • ​changing the arguments or concepts in a student's work

  • ​adding references or bulking up a paper's citations

  • carrying out any sort of analysis on a student's behalf

  • copyediting

  • transforming the meaning of a student's work

  • creating content for a student

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