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Academic Writing Mentorship Program 

Our mentorship program provides students with consistent support throughout their journey as academic writers. By working one-on-one with a faculty member, a student receives guidance at every point of the writing process. This begins with a meeting that addresses the student's specific writing goals, and from that point on, a faculty member whom the student selects will serve as that student's go-to source for guidance on research methods, voice, argumentation, writing style, formatting, and rhetoric.

Personalized Support

The program starts with a meeting to understand each student's unique writing goals. This personalized approach ensures that students receive tailored guidance based on their specific needs.

Faculty Involvement

Having faculty members as mentors is a significant advantage. Our working university instructors offer guidance, share their academic experience, and help students navigate the complexities of academic writing.

Comprehensive Guidance

In exploring the keystones of academic writing, including research methods, voice, argumentation, writing style, formatting, and rhetoric, the academic writing mentorship program provides a holistic approach that ensures that students receive guidance on the essential steps of their analyses. 



The ongoing support provided by a selected faculty member ensures that students have a reliable source of assistance throughout their writing journeys. This consistency is crucial to instilling confidence in a student writer.

Choice of Mentor 

Allowing students to select their faculty member empowers them to work with someone they feel comfortable with and whose expertise aligns with their specific writing goals and interests.

Feedback Loop

Regular interactions between students and faculty mentors allow for a feedback loop, where students can apply feedback from one writing assignment to the next, continually improving their work.

Building a Writing Community

We strive to foster a sense of community among students and faculty members, creating a supportive environment for academic growth.

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