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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does College Writing Mentors provide long-term mentoring?
    Yes. When students develop strong working relationships with particular mentors, they can continue to work with those mentors throughout the term. Consistent conversation with the same mentor enables us to meet the specific needs of an individual student.
  • Will mentors write letters of recommendation for their students?
    As university instructors, we are always happy to write letters of recommendation for students who merit it. Students who receive letters of recommendation often demonstrate a commitment to critical thinking and the tenacity to persevere through challenging work. Writing such letters is an important part of what we do each semester.
  • Does revision guidance work in tandem with speaking with a mentor?
    Combining these things is the best way to improve as a writer. Students are free to decide when they would like to speak with a mentor, and some students receive revision guidance multiple times before meeting face-to-face. Others find it more useful to begin the process with a meeting that addresses the goals and challenges for a particular paper.
  • How does College Writing Mentors differ from a university writing center?
    Most writing centers are staffed with high achieving undergraduates who can help their peers. Sometimes called writing tutors, or writing consultants, undergraduates at university writing centers provide indispensable advice to their fellow student writers. Unlike a writing center, however, College Writing Mentors represents a community of university instructors who have made it their life-long mission to educate people who want to earn a college degree. Not only do instructors operate as members of the intended audience of an academic paper, but our experience and expertise offers insight into the complex conventions, content, and rhetorical strategies of college writing. Indeed, no one is better equipped to mentor a student through the writing process.
  • Do I need to utilize the services of College Writing Mentors to apply for a scholarship?
    Absolutely not. Our scholarships are cash awards, and any student can apply. The scholarships are intended to provide committed student writers with the support necessary to meet their academic goals.
  • Whom do I contact if I have a question?
    If you are actively working with a mentor, you can ask the mentor your question directly. However, you can always call or email our administrators. Our address is, and our number is (530) 601-6292.
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